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Nutrient Management Program

Nutrient Management Program

Plant Nutrient Oversight

  • PNOC Overview

    Plant Nutrient Oversight Committee Purpose, Structure, and Role

    • Purpose: Provide standing authority to define and maintain the internal consistency and scientific integrity of IFAS nutrient management recommendations for Florida agricultural and horticultural crops.
    • Structure:
      • Authority comes from UF/IFAS SVP, delegated to the Deans for Research and Extension as Co-Chairs. Tom Obreza is serving as “Chief Operating Officer.”
      • Core PNOC consists of 14 members, roughly half IFAS Administrators and half senior faculty with a nutrient management background.
      • PNOC meets as needed to conduct business using a hybrid in-person and Zoom format.
      • Sub-committees composed of nutrient management research/extension faculty will develop specific IFAS nutrient recommendations and management systems.
    • Role:
      • Prioritize commodities and associated nutrients that require IFAS nutrient management recommendation changes.
      • Define the standard format for an IFAS nutrient management recommendation.
      • Develop a standard process for faculty to follow when updating IFAS recommendations.
      • Set criteria that faculty must meet to change an IFAS recommendation.
      • Evaluate faculty proposals to change IFAS recommendations, and vote to approve, return for revision, or deny.
      • Engage stakeholders in two-way communication about PNOC activities.
  • PNOC Membership



    Rank Location Notes
    Rob Gilbert Dean/Prof Campus Co-chair
    Andra Johnson Dean/Prof Campus Co-chair
    Saqib Mukhtar Assoc. Dean Campus ANR Ext Prog Leader
    Michael Dukes CLUE Dir/Prof Campus Water Mgt
    Gopal Kakani Agron Chair/Prof Campus Agron rep
    Chris Gunter Hort Sci Chair/Prof Campus Hort Sci rep
    Eric Simonne Dist Ext Dir/Prof Campus Nutr Mgt
    Dean Kopsell Env Hort Chair/Prof Campus Env Hort rep
    Samira Daroub EREC Dir/Prof EREC REC rep, Nutr Mgt
    Tom Obreza (COO) Nutr Mgt Program Dir/Prof Campus Nutr Mgt
    Rao Mylavarapu Prof Campus Nutr Mgt
    Kelly Morgan Prof Campus Nutr Mgt
    Sanjay Shukla Prof SWFREC Water/Nutr Mgt
    Cheryl Mackowiak Assoc Prof NFREC Nutr Mgt
    Jerry Fankhauser Asst Dir/FAES Campus Scribe
  • PNOC Meeting 19 October 2022
  • PNOC Meeting 13 February 2023
  • PNOC Meeting 3 May 2023
  • PNOC Meeting 13 Sep 2023