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View Florida's Northwest District Best Management Practices on their Panhandle Ag Extension Team website.

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Fertilizer RESTRICTED in Orange County 6/1-9/30

No nitrogen or phosphorus fertilizers in Orange County landscapes 6/1 - 9/30 because too much of it ends up in our water. The reason we have fertilizer regulation is because water quality is measured and managed, and pollution levels are too...

GI-BMP Class in SPANISH 6/22/22

El fertilizante es regulado en la Florida y en Orange County. Cada persona que aplica fertilizantes por contrato por ley está obligado obtener una certificación para la aplicacion de fertilizantes. El fertilizante está...

Institutional Applicators–Getting into compliance!

The Orange County Board of County Commissioners voted to update the Orange County Fertilizer Applicators Ordinance during Spring 2022. Commercial, for hire, fertilizer applicators AND institutional fertilizer applicators that need to apply...