Non-Agricultural BMPs

Golf Course BMP

"Best Management Practices for Enhancement of Environmental Quality on Florida Golf Courses"

2007. ( 2.1 MB)

This document discusses possibilities for environmental stewardship and pollution prevention at golf courses.
golf maintenance
"Best Management Practices for Golf Course Maintenance Departments" (1.2 MB)  This 1995 document discusses possibilities for pollution prevention by the maintenance departments. Some references on concrete sealing and chemical protection for pesticide mixing and loading facilities are obsolete.
"Florida Development Manual: A Guide to Sound Land and Water Management" (12.1 MB) This is Florida’s urban nonpoint source BMP manual prepared by the Stormwater/Nonpoint Source Management Section (1988).
Fl Green Industries

“Florida Green Industries: Best Management Practices for Protection of Water Resources in Florida” - (757kb)

A smaller summary booklet is also available (92kb .pdf) that contains only the main points.

A 60 page BMP manual developed jointly by the Florida Green Industries, FDEP, FDACS, DCA, water management districts, and the Univ of Florida. Provides information and guidance on turfgrass and landscape management practices for the purpose of conserving and protecting Florida’s water resources.  
Spanish BMP

“INDUSTRIAS EN ÁREAS VERDES DE FLORIDA Las Prácticas Más Adecuadas Para la Conservación del Agua en Florida” - (840kb .pdf)

Summary Booklet (Resumen)

Spanish language versions of “Florida Green Industries: Best Management Practices for Protection of Water Resources in Florida”
Florida Yards & Neighborhoods Handbook

"Florida Yards and Neighborhoods Handbook: A Guide to Environmentally Friendly Landscaping" 

(9.67 MB)

SP 191 from the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) describes how to minimize nonpoint source pollution from landscapes, especially residential ones.An intergral part of the FYN program being implemented in Florida by the Cooperative Extension Service.